Quality and Standards

Quality is part of what we are and what we do:

We stand upon the solid foundation of quality to provide the best in Industry, which strengthen us to help our clients improve performance by reducing costs. We are tuned to create efficient and effective solutions to their needs thereby winning their confidence.

Policy and procedures for quality Assurance:

Service industry demands quality with perfection to become the authenticated provider, most reliable for the customers. Maintaining quality and perfection calls for consistent research and analysis of the upcoming market trends best suited for the end users. Documented policies, world class approaches, tested procedures and affordable facilities are some of the most cherished traits through we could add color to the life of the customers. Highest priority is given to develop a culture that sustains quality assurance in all levels of operations and techniques.

Quality assurance of employees:

Perfect policies and procedures could be built on the strong base of well trained and mentored set of hands, supporting the superstructure of the whole trajectory of quality assurance. Certified Six Sigma Black Belt professionals with perfect Six Sigma philosophies have been taken into rolls for providing in-depth knowledge and training for all the staff, creating an ideal scientific environment with advanced methods, metrics and measurements for highest perfection.

Learning resources:

A responsible assurance team largely depends on learning and developing their trained skills to scrutinize each phase of the processes with utmost care, bringing out value-laden services to the end users. Consistent learning and training with regular supply of industry insights and trends could only keep the team well aligned with the world class platform.

Information Systems:

Integration of Information technology, people and business forms the information system of the business, supporting the course towards the formation of accurate judgement in a timely manner. This enables to make the best contribution towards the productivity and competitiveness of the organization. Perfect system calls for regular collating of information from various quarters which are best suited for each processes coordination and operation. These information have to be tactfully incorporated in the system making it all the more efficient and value driven for the customers.

Six Sigma structured Quality Audits Process:

Every innovation relies on the strategic planning and simultaneous implementation of the process with regular checks, to keep it impeccable and quintessential. These assessment process or quality audits become the most integral part of the process to make it all the more effective for the quality management system. Proficient hands well versed with Six Sigma practices, will engage to enhance the audit effectiveness by dwelling deep into business operations, and identifying the processes to reach the potential opportunities. Unlike other audits, Six Sigma audit not only dwells on the regular procedures but also take an extra mile to analyze the feedback’s received from the customers to formulate requisite changes in process, bringing further improvements.


Records and reports are inevitable part of any business process for ready reference of the users and also for external audience making them understand the inherent attributes of business. These reports will carry all the information most essential for the clients in the most transparent and worthwhile manner making it an integral document for the readers.

External Quality Assurance &Periodic Reviews:

All the industries irrespective of businesses, have predetermined benchmark to aspire and compare. When internal quality audits removes all the flaw, external audits make it all the more quality efficient in the industrial standards. Hence regular analysis and audits of the process externally will bring forth requisite changes to reach the desired level of process and services thereby abiding to the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Follow-up procedures:

Consistent review of the procedures being implemented at each process will bring forth reports and recommendations from both internal and external auditors and also the valuable feedback from the end users. Careful analysis and selection from these recommendations and feedback especially that which are apt for the stipulated business, takes to the next phase of follow up. Strategies these polices or change the existing policies in a manner, taking the business to the next level.

Quality assurance processes in VoxDoc contain recommendations for action with a subsequent action plan and a predetermined follow-up procedure which is implemented on a consistent basis.