Litigation Support

Litigation Support Services have become the sine qua non for law firms as well as attorneys. We at VoxDoc have dedicated, qualified & experienced personnel who are equipped to deliver quality litigation support services including Legal Research, Document Review, Case Law Preparation, Drafting Court Pleadings, Deposition Summary customized to our client’s needs. Our support is designed in such a way that we completely provide the Attorney every tool to gain the winning edge in Court.

Legal Research

At VoxDoc legal research is always a library research, whether it is done in records or computer data banks. This research includes the search for statements of the law found in statutes, cases, or other reliable primary sources that can be used to predict how a court would decide a dispute involving a specific fact situation.

Preparation of Case Law Summaries

Case Law Summaries or condensed and outline-form of court opinion discusses the essence of the court’s opinion. We at VoxDoc, brief the case law by paraphrasing the court’s opinion by isolating the relevant facts from irrelevant facts which support the Attorney in winning. The Summaries prepared by us will include the facts of the case, the particular legal issue that is at question in the case, the specific legal rule of law that is applicable to the case, the application of that rule of law to the facts of the case, and then the court’s holding/conclusion.

Drafting of Court Pleadings

Litigation being a lengthy process requires the variety of documents to be drafted like complaints, answers, discovery responses/requests, affidavits, motions etc. We at VoxDoc looks for relevant regulations and case laws and drafts the appropriate documents by complying with the court requirements. We also assure that a high-quality check is done for the documents prepared by us and guarantee that the pleading will be a part of your success.

Deposition Summary

The most valuable tool an attorney should have in litigation are deposition summaries. Depositions are those witness testimony which is given under oath and recorded for use in court at a later date. Our team at VoxDoc works together to deliver the summaries in the client specified format along with other relevant information like specific records of dates, names, locations and key facts as per client’s requirements including all necessary information.

Legal Advisory and Consultancy Services

Our team at VoxDoc renders comprehensive legal advisory and consultancy services on a wide range of matters. We are here to give a paramount advice on all complex questions of law including regulations, commercial law, corporate law, family law, healthcare law, labour and employment law, real estate & property law, international law, internet law, debt collection, business law, personal injury and insurance and other legal issues.

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