Contract Management

Contracts are considered to be the lifeblood of every organization irrespective of its type, nature, purpose or size. The success of every organization isconsidered to be the proficiency in turning contracts into assets with the availed contract management solutions.
Our contract management services include both drafting as well as reviewing of the contracts which can be used to make best use ofcompetence in almost every functional area of a business. We are effective in establishing and upholding repositories of an extensive range of contract types like sales contract, service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, real estate contracts, leases etc. All our solutions are up-to-date, industry specific, and made-to-order.

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The specialized team of experts manages contracts from vendors, partners, customers, employees as per your requirements in a most hassle-free manner. Contract management services includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and safeguarding compliance with the prescribed policies and conditions, as well as verifying and agreeing on any changes or improvements that may rise all through its execution or implementation.

Our Highlights in Contract Management

• Fast Time-to-Value
• Easy-to-Use
• Controlled Processes
• Efficient Collaboration
• Stronger Compliance
• automate and accelerate the entire contract lifecycle
• standardize and control contract development
• collaborate with all stakeholders
• strengthen operational, contractual, and regulatory compliance

We assure highly systematic management of contracts creation, better and keen analyzing, and most efficient execution for maximizing improved performance and quality operations. This can ensure minimizing risk and other threats associated with the functioning of your business to a greater extend.

Are you ready to make your contracts smarter than ever?

VoxDoc BPO is an end to end outsourcing Service provider in Non-voice & Shared service center operations. We understand the changing customer needs and shows great interest in adopting new operational services as per the requirements of the clients. Voxdoc has employees who have proven track records of delivering quality services. We adopt policies & bench mark processes and facilities are some of the most valued traits of our team. We will work with you to achieve your business goal and to enrich you to a next level of business on jointly beneficial grounds.

Our major areas of operations:

Call center operations
Business Process Outsourcing
Information Technology
Legal Process Outsourcing

Related areas of services:

• Data Entry Services: We support various companies in inputting or entering the data into the system or excel.

• Data Processing Services: We help our clients to process data forgenerating meaningful information. We sort, validate, summarize, analyze& report date from the clients for better and quality output.

• Transaction Processing Services: We help the companies and various corporate agents in transactional processes such as order fulfilment, applications processing, transaction processing, billing, and collections which requires most effective back office solutions.

• Reconciliation: We aid our client to reconcile their accounts for better accountability and further clarifications.

• Chat Support: Endless 24/7 online chat support can be provided to the clients.

• E-mail Management: Services in E-mail handling, Bulk emailer and other related versatile services are provided to the clients as per their requirements.

• Call Center Operations

• Back office supports

• Information Technology

• Legal Process Outsourcing

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